Credit Managers

Improving your cash flow? NextFactor knows the entire process from order to cash.

Do you get stressed about cash flow? You want to give your customer time but you also have to pay your bills yourself. How to handle that? We identify possible solutions and, if required, implement them with and for you.

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Asset Managers

Asset Management stands for managing cash flow in time by setting up and follow up agreements with your collection partners.

It is not only important to make the right agreements and follow them up adequately. You also need to be sure that your collection partners can do their job properly. We are specialists in monitoring and following up on agreements made with your collection partners such as collection agencies, lawyers and bailiffs.

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Debt Sale Managers

Sell your overdue debt? We analyse, prepare the process with you and provide offers.

Selling your overdue debt (invoices/receivables and loans) requires a well prepared approach. We know exactly how to organize this to achieve the best result. The price (your sales proceeds) is important, but certainly not the only thing. We have a lot of experience and are happy to advise you in this process. Want to find out if Debt Sale is of interest for you? Feel free to call us.

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