Factoring is a popular alternative to financing for entrepreneurs and SME businesses. Factoring is selling your invoices to a factoring company. They pay out the amount within 24 hours, giving you quick cash without the risks of non-payment. Factoring is very suitable for medium and small businesses. Factoring is also suitable for freelancers who have to wait for payment after the work is done. An excellent solution for the Belgian SME. 

Netfactor has an exclusive partnership with factoring company Factris for Belgium. In the unlikely event that the application does not fit with Factris, Nextfactor is able to submit your application to other factoring and financing companies such as for example Svea, Eurofactor and other financing companies (Fin Tech) such as Qred.

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Debt Sale

If you want to clean up your balance sheet, optimize your cash flow or you don’t want to burden your staff too much with the intensive process of getting overdue invoices paid, then Debt Sale might be a serious option for you.

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Credit Managers

Improving your cash flow? NextFactor knows the entire process from order to cash.

Sometimes Debt Sale (selling your overdue receivables) is not immediately possible because your debtors have not received enough attention over a long period of time. In those situations, we let one or more experienced credit managers work intensively on your debtor portfolio. In a short time, this will have a positive effect on your working capital because debtors will pay. After several weeks or months of this intensive management, the remaining portfolio may be suitable for debt sale.

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Asset Managers

Asset Management stands for managing cash flow in time by setting up and follow up agreements with your collection partners.

It is not only important to make the right agreements and follow them up adequately. You also need to be sure that your collection partners can do their job properly. We are specialists in monitoring and following up on agreements made with your collection partners such as collection agencies, lawyers and bailiffs.

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Debt Sale Managers

Sell your overdue debt? We analyse, prepare the process with you and provide offers.

Selling your overdue debt (invoices/receivables and loans) requires a well prepared approach. We know exactly how to organize this to achieve the best result. The price (your sales proceeds) is important, but certainly not the only thing. We have a lot of experience and are happy to advise you in this process. Want to find out if Debt Sale is of interest for you? Feel free to call us.

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